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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Responsibilities:


Employees: Each employee has a duty to take reasonable care of their own and other people’s health, safety, and welfare, and report any situation which may pose a serious or imminent threat to the well-being of themselves or of any other person.


Management: Each manager is responsible for ensuring the Health and Safety Policy is implemented including the legal obligations to fulfil our duty of care. Individual welfare will be a concern of all management.


Operations Manager: The operations manager has the responsibility of overseeing, implementing, and monitoring this policy. As part of this responsibility, the Operations Manager will report back to the Managing Director on all health and safety matter and keep them informed with any legal developments that may impact Connection Technologies business and policies.


Managing Director: The Managing Director has overall responsibility for health and safety within the company. They will hold regular reviews of matter affecting health and safety and instruct the Managing Director to instigate and follow up on preventative measures designed to improve standards. All Health and Safety reports received will be actioned in a reasonable time frame.


Policy Statement:


Connection Technologies regards the management of health and safety as an integral part of its business and as a management priority. It is our policy that all activities and work will be carried out in a safe manner, and we will ensure that health, safety and welfare of our employees and others who may be affected by our activities. The Company will, so far as reasonably practicable, establish procedures and systems necessary to implement this commitment and comply with its statutory obligations on health and safety. Each employee must familiarise themselves and comply with the procedures on health and safety.


Connection Technologies will take all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of its employees, however, employees also are responsible for the health and safety at work. Employees who fail to carry out their health and safety responsibilities as laid down in this Policy will be subject to the Company’s Disciplinary Procedure.


To provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment with the objective of minimising the number of instance of accidents and illnesses. Connection Technologies will pay particular attention to:


  1. Maintaining the workplace in a safe condition and providing adequate facilities and arrangements for welfare at work.

  2. Providing a safe means of access to and from the workplace.

  3. The provision and maintenance of equipment and systems of work that is safe.

  4. Arrangements for ensuring the safety to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances.

  5. The provision of such information, instructions, training, and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of its employees and other persons.


The Company also recognises its duty to protect health and safety of all visitors to the premises, including contractors and temporary workers, as well as members of the public which might be affected by the Companies work operations.


Working Practices:

Training: All employees will be trained in safe working practices and procedures. Training will include

instruction on the safe use of any equipment provided. Employees at special risk: Some workers may from time to time be at an increased risk of injury or ill-health. Therefore, all employees must advise their line manger if they become aware of any change in personal circumstances which could result in their being at increased risk.


Young Persons: A risk assessment must be completed on the first day of work during their induction for any young person employed or conducting work experience at Connection Technologies. This way, young persons will be aware of the risk associated with working on the premises. Risk assessments will be in writing and must be signed and dated. Young persons will receive training and be supervised throughout the course of their employment. Young persons are not permitted to carry out work if an area or task has been identified as a significant risk during the risk assessment.

First aid and reporting accidents at work: All employees will be shown the location of the first aid box and the names of designated first aiders within the team. All injuries, however small, sustained at work must be reported to and recorded in the accident book with a first aider. Accident records are extremely important as they help us monitor the health and safety procedures. Please ensure these records are accurate and comprehensive. The Operations Manager will review and investigate accident reports and carry out the necessary preventative action to ensure the problem does not recur.


Access: Passageways and walkways must always be kept clear and free from obstructions. Where objects are stored in or around passageway, please ensure that no long or sharp edges jut into the passageway.


Manual Handling: Manual handling training and guidance will be provided for all members of staff. It is an employee’s duty to follow the manual handling guidance for the avoidance of injuries and accidents.


General Safety:

  • All employees should be aware of and adhere to the Company’s rules and procedures on health and safety.

  • Any unsafe working practices or conditions must immediately be reported to an employee’s line manager or the Operations Manager.

  • Acts that might jeopardise the health and safety of other people are forbidden including running in the workplace and the misuse of equipment.

  • Any person whose levels of alertness are reduced due to illness or fatigue will not be allowed to work if this might jeopardise the health and safety of any other person.

  • Employees must not adjust, move, or otherwise tamper with any electrical equipment or machinery in a manner not within the scope of their job duties.

  • No employee should undertake a job which appears unsafe.

  • No employee should undertake a job until they have received adequate safety instruction and they are authorized to carry out the task.

  • All injuries of near miss incidents must be reported to first aid personnel.

  • All materials must be properly and safely used and when not in use properly and safely secured.

  • Work should be well planned to avoid injuries in the handling of heavy materials and while using equipment.

  • Workstations and work sites must be kept clean and tidy, and any spillage must be cleaned up immediately.

  • Employees should not run up or downstairs and should use handrails when going up and downstairs.

  • Employees should not read whilst walking, must close filing cabinet drawers when not in use and must keep all floor areas free of obstruction.

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