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Our Simple to Use, Feature-Rich VoIP Solution


What is hosted voice?


Hosted voice, sometimes known as virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or hosted PBX, is a private phone system within a business that enables users to make, receive and manage calls easily and affordably.

What is the difference between hosted and on-premise PBX?


An on-premise solution requires an on-site installation of the PBX hardware, usually set up in a computer room or a cupboard in your office. It requires the purchase of hardware, including a server to connect the telephone company with the IP phones (connected to the server using a LAN). VoIP is possible by using a SIP trunk to connect your server to the internet.

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Hosted Solutions

With a hosted solution, the provider maintains and handles the technology for you, so set up and maintenance is included in the package. There is no initial investment as it is based on an opex model. You are charged by a flat monthly fee including a bundle of minutes and features plus an extra communication fee. As the phone is plugged to the router, the system works with VoIP, it is completely operated online.

Experience The Magic Of Hypercloud

Get up to speed with Hypercloud for your business. Put simply we provide unlimited calls and line rental packages, including our industry leading mobile app at great prices, with no hidden fees.


Why Choose Hypercloud?

Here are a couple of reasons for choosing a hosted voice solution for your business:

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You can keep your existing numbers to avoid any confusion for your customers

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You will gain access to a large range of telephony features, like call monitoring and reporting, live call statistics, call parking and forwarding, call groups, and many more

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You can set up call transfers to improve business continuity. For example, international businesses with offices in varying time zones can be set up with transfers to other offices in another country or to other devices

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Hosted voice systems are flexible and can adapt along with your business. It is easy to change or add features as you see fit

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You are able to keep track of your usage, adjust your consumption, manage your call features and create new users, all from one online platform and in just a few clicks

Standard Features


Call Block


Fax Server


Call Broadcast (Basic Outbound Dialler)


Music on Hold


Call Recording + Logging




A list of numbers from which to block calls


Call Centres


Call Flows




Hunt Groups and Ring Groups with queues


Find Me Follow Me


IVR / Auto Attendant


Time conditions / Holiday scheduling


Call Detail Records Statistics and MI




Reception Console

Advanced Features


CRM integrations


Custom Softphone

Report building and scheduling

Rest API

Separate tenant custom branding




Our key security partner is Amazon. You can find all the information for AWS security here:


AWS datacentres cannot be physically accessed by the public. We use SSL certificates for all front-end access and the costings of this are included in your plan as standard. (This is standard industry practice). We use only URL based routing for the platform to avoid hackers and fraudsters breaking in. We have a live time fraud detection system in place on our SIP carrier with safety bars in place to ensure client protection. All data and call recordings are stored on encrypted drives within the AWS platform. Additionally, backups are stored within a UK FAST data centre in Manchester on encrypted Barracuda hardware. Any user provisioning / account provisioning will be encrypted and sent in separate emails. A random password generator is used and will require at least 8 characters / 2 symbols / at least one capital letter. Security modules are part of the standard training package provided with the platform.

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